Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Black Panther Animated - Review

I wanted to write a review for the first 6 episodes of the Black Panther Animated Series. I liked it. Very, very much. I must admit the animation was more akin to a motion comic instead of a film. However, I like motion comics. My complaints are few. Let's start with what I liked:

1. The story - it was Reginald Hudlin's first story arc in writing the comic - which is a great jumping on point if you iknow nothing about the character and his world.
2. The voice cast was awesome. I think Jill Scott played the best Storm...ever.
3. The political subtext and the insights into racism and class was awesome. It was very intelligent and cool! If the United States could recycle dead soldiers,  I think they would.
4. The historical backdrops for the story was great. I like the idea of at the end a black president has to call the Black Panther to try to smooth things over.
5. I like the foreshadowing of Black Panther and Storm's marriage.
6. The music was great!
7. I think they should just continue following Hudlin's run on the book.
8 Captain America having his shield handed to him by T'Challa's great-grandfather.
9. I love John Romita Jr's art!

Now for the bad news. I do not like
1. There are only six episodes for a whole season?!!!!? What is that?
2. Why in the world did it come on in Australia and not here in the States?!
3. I did not like the Juggernaut's characterization.  He seemed way too stupid.

What I like about Black Panther is that he is a black superhero that is truly African. The nation he represent is fictional but it my ideal country - technologically advanced, never invades anyone, 10 steps ahead of everyone else, and has never ever been conquered. It's as dream...especially for an African American. I mean who would not want to be from Wakanda? No one goes hungry or sick. Aside for the religious issues, it's almost my dream of the perfect country - a utopia. I also can't say enough about the commentaries made on the corruptness of Western Civilization. And the characterization of the American government using a dictator who persecutes his own people against his neighbor in an effort to destablize it and obtain control of it - that's fiction right? Wrong.  Just ask real-life South American, Central American, Carribean, African, and Asian nations. Remember South Korea right?

As for seeing them in the US, they have been pulled off of YouTube. I'm planning to find out when it's going to be freely available in the States..
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