Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Megan Fox's 'Supergirl' Picture..Could Make The Green Lantern Turn Red

I found this picture of what it might be like if Megan Fox was tapped to play Supergirl. MY take: Supergirl should be blond.


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Anonymous said...

This photo was done in Photoshop. The face (obviously), the hair, the arms and hands, the blouse that she is opening and possibly the stomach belong to Megan. The breasts, and from the waist down are someone else. The background is from another photo also. Look closely at the top of her hair and to the left. You can see a blueish rim and an aliased edge to her hair. Also the edges around the different elements that were comped together are aliased and not smooth and feathered.

Not a bad job, but still a bit amateurish.

Anonymous said...


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