Friday, February 19, 2010

Black Panther Cartoon: Episode 1 [Full 20 Min] Video

I have recently found episodes of the Black Panther Animated series on vodpod. Since I've been frustrated by the episodes being pulled from YouTube, I've decided to use the videos posted there and write some reviews. Feel free to watch the first episode before my comments.

I really like the first episode. It follows the first issue of Reginald Hudlin's comic book run. IT frames who Black Panther is and why we should care about him. My favorite part of the episode was watching Captain America get his handed to him! I love John Romita Jr's artwork a great deal. The animated series brings the comic book to life. It start off telling how T'Challa inherits the roles and responsibilities of being the Black Panther. The other best thing about this is how Hudlin writes this story in such a way that profound political commentary come out. Points that I agree with about colonialism and American Foreign policy clearly comes into play. I ju st love the idea of a small country in Africa looking down it's nose at Western Civilization. Love IT! I wish there was a real nation such as Wakanda - technologically advanced, never ever been conquered or beaten in its long history, rich, self-sufficient, and does not  bother any other nation. I love the dialogue and the pace of the story.

Black Panther Cartoon: Episode 1 [Full 20 Min] Video

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