Monday, May 28, 2012

What Is Marvel Doing?!!!

It is amazing how it seems that when there is a couple of major steps forward there are several steps backwards. For example: Marvel's multimedia decisions. The steps forward are definitely the Avengers live-action movie and the Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes (EOH)' animated series. Unfortunately, they plan to cancel EOH and replace it with another show in the same continuity as the Ultimate Spider-Man Show. And on May 27, 2012 they didn't air either Ultimate Spider-man or EOH. Apparently, the rest of EOH will be aired in Australia before it airs in the United States (WHY!!!!????). It also looks like Ultimate Spider-Man may be cancelled due to complaints from people who don't like it.  I admit that it's unlike any other animated series. It is like a "Young Avengers" show with Spider-man as  the leader, mashed up with Young Justice, and the Teen Titans shows. People complain about the show's humor, Spider-man breaking the fourth wall to make jokes and exposition. I and my Children love the show and don't want it to end. I think EOH should continue and not be replaced. Marvel may be outdoing DC in the Live-Action department, but DC is handling Young Justice and their animated features than Marvel's animated series.

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