Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Superman Man Of Steel Gets Laurence Fishburne -

Okay, I was shocked and amazed. Not in a bad way. But I never thought Warner Bros would cast Perry White as a black man even if that black man is Lawrence Fishburne. Wha? Remember the fall out when a black man was cast as Hemdall in the Thor movie? This is different. First the public loves Fishburne and like Edris can play roles that aren't necessarily intended for black people. I still think that the naysayers and critics are just being racist. I think it says something when a character transcends race. This isn't the first time a character who has traditionally been portrayed by white men has been played by a black actor. I think Fishburne will do an awesome job because he is a great actor. For example in the Matrix trilogy, there really isn't any reason why Morpheus had to be played by a black man. Fishburne was picked because of the skills and talents he has as an actor. This is the reason why I think he was picked to play Perry White in the next Superman movie.

Superman Man Of Steel Gets Laurence Fishburne -
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