Monday, July 4, 2011

Topless Robot's Transformers 3 FAQ - Topless Robot

GIFSoupI saw Transformers 3 on Sunday. I liked it. I think there was more of an effort this time to make a good story with some twists and turns and some sophistication on par with the 80's television series. The one thing I didn't understand was...I'll wait  a few weeks in case I'd spoil it for folks who are going. I liked it. As soon as I can get it on Blu-Ray I will be getting it. The one thing I hope is that Megatron will be playing a much more pivotal role in the fourth one and I hope that that Michael Bay will direct that one too. Below is a link to Topless Robot's FAQ article that contains his review of the movie. I think the review is way more harsh than I think but it is humorous.

Topless Robot's Transformers 3 FAQ - Topless Robot
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