Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(The New) ThunderCats Are Loose - Topless Robot

Thundercats will be coming back! Again. I admit that I never thought we would care about Thundercats almost 30 years later when I was watching them as a child. I really like the commentary on Topless Robot blog. I have to agree the blogger has a point.

Indeed. I think Panthro and Tygra look great, so no problems there. Honestly, Lion-O looks too anime even for me, and I ran a goddamn anime magazine for five years. However, Cheetara looks incredible, and will no doubt inspire a whole new generation of boys to have a deeply confusing and shameful attraction to furries. Really, that's as much as I hoped for from the new ThunderCats anyways. (Via ThunderCats Lair and Poe Ghostal)
(The New) ThunderCats Are Loose - Topless Robot
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